Thursday, March 3, 2011


One year ago, this blog began.
Little did I know what the year would involve!

I had just completed what I thought was a difficult year of health issues.  During that time, I realized how much I missed various things in my life.
For several years, I had devoted almost every hour of my days to my little shop that specializes in fabric and supplies for heirloom sewing and smocking.
Don't get me wrong.  I love that part of my life.

This blog was to be a venue for sharing not only my love of sewing, but some of my other passions.

Never did I dream that so many posts would contain medical terms, nor that they would describe me.
God works in mysterious ways.
Maybe he knew that I would need prayers, encouragement and diversion.

As is often true in life, I feel that I have gained more than I have given.
So, thank you for coming to read once in awhile.
Thank you for leaving comments and asking questions.
Thank you for overlooking the days, and sometimes weeks, that I did not post.
Thank you for so many things.

Several weeks ago, I began reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.
You have probably seen her best selling book, or related video, making its way around blogland.
Ms. Voskamp discovered that in giving thanks for the life she already had, she found the life she always wanted.

I have always believed not all of life's gifts magically appear on holidays and birthdays.
They do not all come wrapped in shiny paper and tied with glorious bows.
Sometimes what we think is the mundane, is really priceless.
Sometimes what we think are tragedies, are actually gifts.
It all depends on how we look at it.
Even a disease and wonky eyes can be a blessing, in ways I never guessed.
A simple blog can link us in ways I never imagined, and for which I am so grateful.

A copy of One Thousand Gifts is my gift to one dear reader.
Leave a comment on this post, and you will be entered.
Please be sure that your profile contains a contact email, or leave your email within your comment.
Unfortunately, I am only able to mail to addresses within the United States.
Eligible comments will be accepted until 10pm Saturday
The recipient will be announced on Monday.


Silver Pansy Designs said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blog this year and have thought of you so often as you faced your health challenges. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Reading this book would be a very good thing. Congratulations on your first year! -- Karen

Claudia said...

I am so happy you started blogging, Jan. And if our comments have helped and supported you this past year, that is the way it should be. The blogging family is truly wonderful.

Happy Anniversary, my friend.


Unknown said...

Your blog is read and checked regularly; I am glad to read that you are finding blessing in your life. Happy first year! May you have many more years of abundance as you continue to find blessings and roses amid the occasionally very thick thorns.

Peace and blessing,

Nicole said...

I love your blog and am so glad that you decided to do this!

gmaofthree said...

Jan, I'm new to your blog but have enjoyed following your journey. Just two nights ago I added One Thousand Gifts to my list of "must reads", and there it was on your blog today. I've struggled with chronic illness for 11 years and always appreciate books which help me see the half full part of the glass!


Eileen said...

Happy blog birthday! So glad you are doing this and that things seem to be at a more steady state healthwise. Looking forward to many more posts and blog birthdays:)

Jane B said...

Jan, your positive outlook and eloquent commentary are an inspiration to us all. YOU should write a book! In your spare time!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Now girly...this is truly something lovey to give away. I'm excited for you as you celebrate one year of blogging. May God continue to touch you and your eyes and may His grace and peace lead you always.

Love to you~


Debbie B said...

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I've enjoyed following your blog and have had you in my prayers with the surgery and all. Glad you are now recovering and that things went so well. Sometimes it does take a while for us to see those little blessings, or to find joy in bad situations.

Pat said...

One year seems to fly by and blessings and thankfulness and struggles are included. Thank goodness for the blessings.


Aunt Honey said...

Jan, though I have never met you, I feel like I know you. You are an encouragement to me through your faith and strength. I find myself looking forward each evening to going to your blog, and hoping you've had a chance to update it. Your sewing is beautiful, your ideas are inspirational, but most of all your trust in our Lord is uplifting. He is gracious and loving and kind. And I think you are too, and hope to meet one day. (

Anonymous said...

Jan, I wouldn't have wished your past year's journey on you or anyone, but I do admire your grace and courage and your willingness to share the journey!


Martha said...

Happy Blogabirthday! I would have sworn it has been longer than a year. I can't be trusted to know how long something is anymore since I have returned to that land of a toddler's lack of a sense of time. Great blog, job well done!
I had seen the book but no, I had not seen any of the videos. Thank you for that. I not only loved what she said, but how she read it in that breathless way. Beautiful.

LMP said...

What a great video, and one that I really needed to see today! Thanks for sharing! I love reading your blog and have loved all of my orders from your store.

Cindy said...

Jan...I have so enjoyed getting to know you this past year through your blog!!! You are so kind and giving. I recently read this book and so enjoyed it. It definitely makes you think in a different way. I have my notebook started already!

Sherry B said...

Congratulations on you 1st Anniversary. I enjoy your blog and I have become a follower of Ann Voskamps as well. A Holy Experience inspires me to look at my day to day life in a new way. I would love to own her book.

Rachel said...

One Thousand Gifts? You are surely one of mine. Thank you dear friend, for all that you are!

Linwood & Margaret said...

It seems you have been apart of my life for much longer. I met you in Nashville one year and two years ago you sent me some Sea Island knit for my newest grandson. I conintue to pray for your healing.

Anonymous said...

Love coming to visit your blog, Jan! :)

Colleen said...

Happy first anniversary to you and your blog, Jan! May you have many happy returns.
Fondly, Colleen

Kathy B. said...

Happy Anniversary! I have enjoyed following your blog and reading your comments on the Heirloom & Sewing forum as well. You seem to handle life's tough times with grace and dignity, and are such an inspiration and source of wise words to others as well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers as you have gone through your health issues, and I'm so glad that you are on the road to recovery. I pray for continued healing, and that the affection and encouragement you give so willinging to others return to you over and over again!

Chris V. said...

Yours is the only blog that I read regularly, Jan. Part of the reason for that is that I feel I "know" you, both through Delphi and BessieMary and thus I am interested in your life and concerned about your health. The other part is that you write so beautifully about your life and faith that you inspire me in my faith and in my life. For that I thank you and for that I will continue to read your blog every day! Thank you so much, Jan and I hope your next year is easier but no less inspiring!!

Ellie Inspired said...

Jan, Happy Blog-aversary! I thought it had been longer than a year too. I have enjoyed getting to know you very much over this past year. Your grace and positivity is a great inspiration to me. I check your blog and remember you in prayer regularly that you may heal completely soon. Blessings to you and for another wonderful year in "blog-land".

Anonymous said...

Your strength during your time of difficulties has been uplifting for me and made me a little braver about facing my trials. Thank you for your blog.

God Bless you
Marie Roche

Susie B said...

Happy Anniversary, Jan! We don't know each other and we may never meet, but you've touched my life in a warm and lovely way. You have shown such strength with your eyes, such love for your family & your past, and such joy in the simple things. You have been a blessing...I am thankful you took on a blog. You have made each day a little lovelier!

kr said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I enjoy your blog and the sewing tips that you had shared in earlier posts. I say, ditch the cleaning and go straight for the sewing!


sew mommy at

Marmycakes said...

Jan, I do enjoy your blog. It's one of the few I read regularly. I have been blessed and encouraged by your strength and faithfulness through your trials. You are an inspiration. I also love your shop. :)

Lois said...

Happy 1st Blog anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed visiting your blog this past year, keep it up!

Laurie said...

Happy 1st Anniversary of your blog - I enjoy reading it and being uplifted by the thankful attitude you have even in the midst of trials.

Laurie (SewNso)

tana50 said...

I read a book a few years ago where the author stated "I have been a christian so long I can no longer tell my trials from my blessings." I thought that was wonderful. I am so glad you healing continues well.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary...keeping up with you through Noreen...May God bless you...

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