Sunday, March 27, 2011


"Dallas Blooms"
Dallas Arboretum, Spring 2011

The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day
he created Spring.
~Bern Williams~


Eloise said...

Lovely picture, Jan, and a great reminder that I need to get out to the Arboretum soon!

I love your new profile picture, by the way. Your new glasses are quite stylish!

I have so enjoyed the cookbook you gave me. I don't know if you saw on my blog, but I made a dessert from Compliments Of for my Valentine luncheon that was the hit of the party. I may have to repeat it next year because I don't think I can top it! I also love their Tea Room Rolls. Thank you again for your kind generosity in sharing those books with me. My friends who received copies are equally thrilled and grateful.

Kellie said...

love tulips... always so cheery and a sign that spring is right around the corner!

Unknown said...

Hi Jan,
Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I love the picture of the beautiful and refreshing! We still have snow on the ground here in Michigan, but my the daffodils I planted last fall are making their way up to the surface.

Kathy Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing the photo of tulips and the lovely verse too!

I was looking at the sweet little dress in your March 23rd post. So dainty and beautiful, especially the lovely stitched white yoke. I used to make all of my daughter's little dresses when she was growing up, so I really appreciate what a labor of love it is to make.

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