Monday, May 21, 2012

Thank you . . . and an update

That bit of a break turned into more of an extended hiatus.
Thank you for the emails, calls and cards inquiring about my recovery.
During the last couple of weeks, my finger is beginning to look more like the finger I remember.  There is still some residual swelling. 
It is still numb from my knuckle to fingertip.
I am so relieved that my fingernail hung on, and has started growing again!
I have never had great nails, and thyroid disease only makes them worse.
I am even more thankful to still have all ten, and not have lost any to Mr. Snake's snack.

There are still pricks of pain when I try to grip objects, or hold heavy items.
It improves with each passing day.

So, the physical recovery is going well.
The emotional recovery is taking a little longer.

I have attempted to conquer my fear and return to my yard.
I will not lie.
It is difficult.

Playing in the dirt and tending my plants was always therapeutic and relaxing.
Now, I am tense and always vigilant.
I no longer let go and allow my mind to wander.
I miss that.

As the photographs show, Spring brought new life and blooms to my yard.
I do sneak out with my camera to capture the growth.
But, the grass no longer tickles my bare toes. 
There are always shoes on my feet.
My eyes are always on the ground, and not gazing upward or all around at the marvels of nature.
I miss that, too.

Since the bite, there have been more frequent and prolonged bouts of double vision.
It is unknown whether they are due to the bite, stress of the incident, interaction of drugs, or simply the unpredictable progression of Grave's disease.

So, there is still some healing and recovery ahead.

I wish there was a report that my closets are all cleaned, my spice cabinet organized, and desk completely clear.
Or, that I spent time playing in my sewing room, creating wonderful things.
Dream on!
While it may have been quiet here, life continued at its usual hectic and demanding pace.
Air conditioning units broke, hot water tanks leaked, automobiles needed servicing, and family situations required attention.
My online store remains open, and days are spent filling and shipping orders.
In the midst of pain, healing and concern, I am grateful for the day-to-day normalcy of life.
Although, some days are easier to be grateful than others.

And I am grateful for the little surprises of life!
As if they knew there are times only chocolate can help.  I now can head toward a certain fast food restaurant and have my favorite milk shake and cookies to go!

I have always believed that God's timing is perfect; that all things work together toward the good.
Shortly before Mr. Snake slithered into my life, I had considered closing my blog.
I never dreamed a snake bite would provide the opportunity and time to give greater thought to the idea. 
Over the past weeks, it has been nice to be unplugged; to have one less item on the agenda.
On the other hand, I miss visiting with all of you.
The coming weeks are crammed with obligations, responsibilities and events.
It may still be awhile before I resume regular blogging, and the possibility of stopping is still on the table.
The only thing constant in life is change.

I have been so deeply touched by the outpouring of concern, the warmth of your compassion, and the power of your prayers.
Thank you for continuing to visit and care, even in my absence.

It is difficult to believe that it is almost June.  Summer is here!
As we close May, I am grateful our son successfully completed his first year of law school.
I congratulate family members and friends who are graduating and beginning the next phase of their life.
I look forward to long days of sunlight, the better to see and sew.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, I am forever in debt to those who serve and protect our country, so that we might enjoy all these things and so much more.

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