Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There in Spirit and Kits!

Many of my sewing friends are gathering in Norfolk, Virginia for the opening day of this year's Smocking Arts Guild of America Convention.
My wonky eyes may keep me from attending in person, but a little of me is there in spirit by way of Wee Care Bonnet kits!
I first shared in this post that I was making kits for these tiny little bonnets.

I completed the pleating, as well as rolling and whipping the narrow lace edging.

A casing was stitched, with ribbon inserted, to gather the back of each tiny bonnet.

During Convention, attendees will be able to simply add a few rows of smocking along the brim, and a beautiful wee bonnet will be completed!

In order for the bonnet to be smocked, each little kit also included a skein of white embroidery floss, ribbon to attach as streamers so the bonnets may be tied under the chin, needles and a sweet surprise!

Normally, I cut heart or flower shapes from craft felt as needle holders.  I recently spied these cute little felt pumpkin cutouts in a craft store and decided they were perfect as needle holders!

Here is one Wee Care Bonnet Kit ready to go!
It joined a stack of others which a dear friend transported to Convention for me.  Fabric, a shabby chic sewing basket, patterns, smocking plates and miscellaneous sewing notions had already been donated and shipped from my store to join other wonderful donations for the fabulous Wee Care raffle basket.  It, along with other baskets overflowing with stitching delights of every type, will be raffled during Banquet on the final night of Convention.    

I wish all my friends safe travels, wonderful moments of learning, fun visiting with old friends, the joy of making new friends, and a winning ticket for your favorite raffle basket!

To my dear readers and friends, I want to say thank you for the continued outpouring of encouragement and support regarding my vision.  The last few days have been exceptionally difficult.  I am afraid the double vision is worsening, instead of improving.  I am adjusting and preparing for possible life altering changes in the near future --  kicking and screaming all the way!  I will not give up seeking solutions.  I simply must accept my life is now different.  I will never be able to express my sincere gratitude to each of you for accompanying me on this journey.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jan:
How how I wish you and I could sit and stitch together. I would love to learn how to smock...especially those sweet bonnets!

I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you to not have full use of two good eyes. I'll continue to lift prayers that your doctor(s) find a solution for you that makes the whole again.


Martha said...

I am sad that you won't be there. I hope you know how much you will be missed!! I am on my way to the airport now. HUGS

Julia said...

i'm sorry that you can't go to the convention. You are amazing to have pleated bonnets to send even though you can't go. You are a true inspiration!

Marmycakes said...

How kind and thoughtful of you to put together those kits when you are having such a difficult time with your vision. I am so sorry your recovery isn't going better. You have the right attitude though! Don't give up! You might just need to give it more time. You are truly an inspiration.

Unknown said...

Jan the kits are wonderful!!! Wish I could be there as well. Maybe one day we can all meet there!!

Julia said...

An award is waiting for you at my blog.

Eileen said...

I keep hoping every time I read that there will be good news. You are getting prayers from a fellow eye patient with issues:)

Rettabug said...

Jan, I've got tears in my eyes, thinking that yours may not be improving as hoped! I don't blame you for kicking & screaming all the way.

I promise to teach Donna from Brynwood Needleworks how to smock when we are in FL in Feb. We'll be in her back yard practically & in honor of our mutual friendship, I'll get her started so she can continue the tradition that you "sew" love.

Hugs to you,

p.s. I, too, would have loved to be at SAGA this year. I know they are all wishing you were there. I have sooo many friends who go, but my elderly DH makes it difficult. Every year, I hope to be able to attend. ~~someday~~

Robin Hart said...

Jan, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the bonnet kits. You did a fabulous job and as usual more than was asked or expected! The wee care basket was wonderful as well due to your donations. Hopefully Martha will post a pic when she comes up for air after featherstitching ... we missed you MUCHLY!

Unknown said...

This is so absolutely precious. Oh my! I wish I had someone to buy it for! No babies in our family:o(

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