Thursday, September 2, 2010

We All Start Someplace!

Meet Peggy.
She was my much loved baby doll.  Santa brought her for my 4th Christmas. That would make her more than 50 years old, and vintage like me!
She is photographed wearing one of the first garments I recall stitching on the sewing machine.  I do not remember how old I might have been at the time of this creation.  Hopefully, I have perfected a few of my machine sewing skills.

Must not have realized there was a curve ahead.  Looks like I even went back for a second attempt, too!

Wonder what I was thinking here?
Along with another fine example of double machine stitching, there are a few oversized hand sewn stitches.

Continuous piping was evidently not yet an acquired skill.
Neither was matching seams.

If one row of stitching is good, five must be even better!
If one is on top of the other, at least at some point along the way, it is especially good.

Close enough.
Just whack that piping off.

Fine seam finishing was yet to be discovered.

At this point, I am fairly certain my mother was having difficulty maintaining her composure.

No doubt, she still gave me a hug and proclaimed my work perfectly beautiful!
Peggy thought so, too.


Nancy said...

It's amazing the doll is in such good condition. You have taken really good care of her. I look back at some of the first things I had sewn and think I was proud of that! I even wore it out in public. YIKES!!! LOL

Unknown said...

quite frankly, I am impressed!! Piping??? I can't believe you even attempted that!!!
I have gotten out my daughters smocked clothes for her little girl to wear now (they are over 25 years old) and I am appalled at most of them. I don't think I finsihed one seam!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jan:
Your baby doll is beautiful! I remember purchasing one of those pre-quilted, printed cross stitch baby blanket kits (Herschners, maybe?) when one of my young cousins was born. I distinctly recall using ALL 6 strands of floss (not even separated and untwisted) and crossing away (never mind that they weren't all in the same direction!). Gosh, I hope they didn't save that first effort of mine. In my own defense, I was still in my early teens and hadn't cracked a book on technique at that time, but still...
It is kind of fun to see where we were and how far we've come.
Have a great day!

Martha said...

I think it is adorable. Not sure how old you were but I think you did a great job! Precious treasure to have.

Claudia said...

Oh, she is adorable. Quite frankly, my stitching looks very much like that on a daily basis! You did a fabulous job for a little girl.


Memaw's memories said...

I'm quite impressed with your early attempts. My mother allowed me to hem dishtowels from flowersacks. They were difficult to fold, because they had no straight edges.

Jane B said...

I love it Jan. I still have a doll dress that I made by hand -- before I was allowed to use the sewing machine. It makes yours look like couture sewing!

Laurie said...

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this post!!!! You just won't even believe this, but I have the EXACT same doll! Isn't that just crazy?!?! I got her on my 1st birthday and...well, lets just say that my doll is also 50-ish! I will have to do a blog post with her real soon - you've inspired me!!

Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

I enjoyed reading about your baby doll and your sewing....The fact that it survived so well after many years of playing showed that 5 seams are the way to go!

ShirleyC said...

Oh wow! I had a doll just like that. I loved that babydoll soooo much. I tried to keep her for a long time, but part of her hand came off, and someone made me throw her away. This post brings back many memories.

Anonymous said...

Peggy looks just wonderful in her sweet mommy-made! You've inspired me to pull out some of my first do I have the guts to photograph and blog about them??? :)

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I think she and her dress are adorable.

Julia said...

How sweet! Your skills were pretty darn good for a little girl. Your mom was right to encourage you. Just look what you can do now!

Eileen said...

How sweet! She looks like you loved her enough to take care of her.

Karen said...

Such a sweet post! I love seeing your Peggy. She would get along so well with my Elizabeth. Elizabeth was 'born' Christmas Eve 1958 when I was 5. She sits in my sewing room. She has changed a lot since her 'birth' but she is still my favorite doll. I'll have to share her sometime. You were very ambitious with the piping at such a young age. Your mama must have been tickled pink that you did this all on your own!

Sandra Bryan said...

I don't know why I didn't see this before. I have the exact same doll too. She has a pink flowered dress and matching hat that I believe is original. She is the only toy from my childhood and I've had her almost 50 years. I have not seen one like her until yours. Thanks for the pictures.

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