Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Pumpkin in a Small Size!

Do we ever grow tired of Jack's toothy grin?
I think not!

I selected Children's Corner Lucy, View B, and shortened it to tunic length.  Fabric Finder's orange and white polka dot twill was the perfect background for Ellen McCarn's Ready to Sew Applique, Punkin' Face!

The bottom edge of the top is trimmed with jumbo black rick rack.

I purchased a pair of little black knit leggings to complete the ensemble!

Now, this is making me hungry for candy corn, and all things pumpkin and spice!

~All fabrics, trim, pattern and applique available at


Martha said...

OMG that is too stinkin cute!!! I love it. I hope I remember this next year when our baby is a bit bigger. I hope she sends pictures of her wearing it. So cute miss you, hugs

Sophia said...

This is just too cute!!! I get such good ideas from your blog and links.

Claudia said...

That is just plain adorable! I hope you're feeling better, Jan.


Julia said...

How cute!!!! If I can find the time, I may just have to make this or something like it for my youngest 3 granddaughters.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so cute! Seeing it makes me want to make one...right now! :)

Shannon said...

This is so adorable! It makes me want to run go make something similar for my daughter, except that she's nine and would probably want something different. I love this! Pumpkins rock!

Mrs Mary Scott said...

That is so cute!!!

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