Friday, August 27, 2010

Bonnets for Tiny Angels

There has not been much stitching, smocking or blogging lately, as I have rested my eyes per doctor's orders.  However, I have tried to take a few minutes each day and prepare Wee Care bonnet kits for the upcoming national convention of the Smocking Arts Guild of America (SAGA).
These kits will provide everything necessary for members to complete a tiny smocked baby bonnet with a lace edged ruffle.  They need only to smock a simple design across the crown and attach ribbon streamers.

Due to my eye surgeries, I am unable to attend this year's event in Norfolk, Virginia.  Making and donating these kits has helped me feel a little more involved and a little less sad about missing all the fun.

Wee Care is the primary service project of SAGA nationally and through its local chapters.  Our members sew and smock tiny gowns, bonnets and other items for the smallest angels.  These items are then donated to various hospital neonatal intensive care units.
Many times the families have no garments that fit their premature or ill babies.  The gowns, bonnets, and blankets help their child look like a baby by covering frightening tubes and other medical equipment, while still meeting the functional requirements of hospital care.
Many of our gowns and bonnets will, sadly, serve as burial garments.  Others may be kept as a reminder that a special little life ended too soon.  Still others may joyfully be used on those days when babies are healthy, healed and headed home! 

If you wish to read more about SAGA's Wee Care program, please click here


Claudia said...

I commmend you for putting together your kits even though you can't attend. What a wonderful way to help those little babies!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

What a wonderful effort, my friend. I'm sure the kits will be appreciated, as will the finished products. I can only imagine all the beautiful babies that will wear such tiny bonnets. Keep resting your eyes so that next year, you'll be able to attend SAGA, and soon, you'll be back to making more of your stunning creations.

Julia said...

You are such a generous, thoughtful, caring person! I love the idea of the wee care bonnets, etc....
I hope your eyes are healing as they should be now.

Robin Hart said...

You know how much I appreciate your time! I hope to ask you sooner next year as I return for another year as Wee Care Chairman. I really need to get a better start on Wee Care next year before my hectic summer comes around!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I am so touched by this project. I cannot imagine the stress of those parents, and I know your little smocked items are a light during a dark time!

Paulette said...

What a beautiful and honorable thing, to provide such a gift to parents for their baby during most difficult times.

I hope the resting of your eyes helps heal them well and completely.

Laurie said...

I know these kits will be soooo appreciated and I am sooo touched by all that you are doing amidst your eye issues!
Sewing for these sweet babies is such a wonderful ministry - thank you for your part in it!

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