Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What You Might Not Know

A very sweet fellow blogger, Julia, bestowed the Beautiful Blogger Award on me!
I am to share ten things you might not know about me.
So, here goes!

1.  I attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas for two years before becoming seriously ill.  My plan was to major in Business -- possibly following my father's steps in Accounting.  Instead, the illness prompted me to transfer to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.  It was closer to my parents and doctor in Amarillo.  I changed my major to Horticulture. 
In the Spring of my senior year, several of us were chosen to participate in a national competition at Mississippi State University. 
Let's just say that the plants growing in Texas, with which we were intimately familiar, did not in any way, shape, form or blossom resemble those in Mississippi!  I am embarrassed to admit that our group ended up in the bottom rankings when it came to identifying plants in their natural habitat surrounding Starkville.
We returned to Lubbock, a little dismayed, and graduated.  I do not believe many of our group ever used our degrees in Horticulture.
I will always support Texas Tech University, the Red Raiders and their College of Agriculture.  Just don't expect to attend a school in Texas and become an expert on plants more commonly found in the true South!
 I still love to dig in the soil and play with plants.  It is when I feel the closest to God.

2.  Following the above-described incident, I later became a Legal Assistant.  I was employed by large national law firms in Houston and Dallas, before becoming a stay-at home-mother and community volunteer.

3.  I adore pigs and bunnies! 
No clue why.  They are just cute.  It was a complete surprise -- and blessing -- that my mother-in-law also adored bunnies.

4.  I crave macaroni and cheese almost constantly.  Never the type in the blue box, although it was my favorite as a child.

5.  My sewing room is painted lime green with a black and white checkerboard floor.

6.  I always wanted a little girl.  Her name would have been Elizabeth.

7.  My husband makes the bed each morning.  He informed  me very early in our marrige that he did not like the way I made it!

8.  We spent 12 years renovating and restoring a 1916 Mission style house.  I left a part of my heart in that house, and discovered that I really do not like living in a newly built house.

9.  I drive a 2007 Lincoln MKX, when I can see to drive.  I may lose my driver's license next month when it expires.  A vision exam is required for renewal, and I may not pass.

10.  I am a native Texan.  Have always lived in Texas, but would really love to move to Tennessee or North Carolina.  My husband and I will be buried in Memphis, Tennessee with his parents.  That may be the only way I ever have a non-Texas address!

I believe that many of my blog friends have already received this award.  So, I invite you to become better acquainted with some of my favorite people and blogs by visiting those listed in my sidebar.


Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

I enjoyed reading your post, especially number 7!
Do you think your understanding of plants help you in your sewing?

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jan:
I really enjoyed what you shared about yourself today! I hope you don't lose your driver's license. 'nuf said.

Mrs Mary Scott said...

How fun to learn new things about someone I thought I already knew alot about! I can see Uncle Tom saying that you didn't make the bed just right! That's funny. And I didn't know y'all were planning to be buried in Tennessee, but that's not terribly surprising either. I loved that you shared that name you would have chosen for your little girl. I love the name Elizabeth. :)

Unknown said...

Loved finding out a little more about you!! Also, such a well deserved awayd!!

Jan M said...

Morgane, I do think it is interesting how many stitchers also enjoy gardening. I am not sure what the relationship is, but there does seem to be one!

Carol Harris said...

I think understanding flowers definitely makes you better at embroidering them.
Congratulations on the award! I would be in agreement that you deserve it. Your blog is lovely.
I also hope the eye exam turns out OK and that your driving can continue.

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