Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Memories

Between packing, unpacking and a few other activities in our home and lives, Easter seems to have sneaked up on me.  Only a few days ago, I managed to bring out the Easter Egg tree, and surround it with my mother-in-law's much loved Herend bunny collection.
But the much loved sugar eggs from my mother, which I shared here last year, remain safely snuggled in their boxes.  As do the needlepoint bunnies, also shared here last year, and many other favorite Easter decorations.

I know in my heart that Easter is not about the chocolate bunnies, brightly painted eggs, and cute baskets overflowing with colorful paper grass.
But, if I am to be perfectly honest, I do miss seeing all those things around my house this year.
So, I am thinking of Easters past, when those and much more were in great abundance.

My first Easter as a mother.

The thrill of the hunt!
For me, the search for the perfect little appliqued outfit and miniature top siders.
For him, that special egg!

The annual neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, and a sugar induced high that lasted all afternoon.
No nap for him.  I was the one who needed it more!


Dearly departed, but never forgotten, family.

Brunch at Memphis Country Club.
I can still taste the cheese blintz with raspberries!

Real bunnies with whiskers that tickle!

No, these are not the things of which Easter really is.
Or, are they in some small way?
Because of a greater love, I have all these blessings.
A tiny hand was placed in mine, and I put my faith in His hands to guide us both, through hunts for hidden eggs and other adventures in life.
The holiday brought family and friends together.  Work and worries ceased for the moment.
There were smiles, hugs and happiness.
There are now special memories etched forever into our hearts and minds.
There is the promise of eternal life, and the glorious reunion with those we miss even more when we gaze at sugar eggs and beloved bunny collections.

I believe that God speaks to us in so many different ways, and holidays can be celebrated and savored in just as many ways, too.

And sometimes, we just all need to indulge in the simple and silly things that make us smile!

If you choose to celebrate Easter,
may you be abundantly blessed as you prepare your home and heart for this sacred day.


Bridget said...

Jan, you always write so beautifully. Your stories always make me smile and cry.


DawnB said...

Happy Easter Jan !!! Martin was an adorable little boy.

Rachel said... sweet that baby boy is! I am just rounding up lots of blazers and ties today....not a shortall to be found.
Thanks for sharing your precious memories. Easter Blessings to you, my friend!

Robin Hart said...

What wonderful memories... and yes that is part of Easter. Just as it is tradition to bite the bunny ears and tail off first.

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