Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring vs Sinus

Dallas Blooms 2011, Dallas Arboretum

The Good Lord knew to bless Spring with awesome blooms in beautiful colors, under sunny skies.
It makes the accompanying allergy and sinus problems a tad more tolerable!

Now, if I could only unravel the mystery behind moving boxes.
Why is it for every one that is unpacked, two or three more always appear?
I am slowly making process, though.

Thank you for the many kind and encouraging messages regarding the recent closing of my brick and mortar store.  They mean the world to me, and have made this transition a little easier.

During the past eighteen months, my time at the store was limited due to health issues, medical appointments, and surgeries.  However, even when a business owner is not physically present at their business, they are still very much consumed by it.
I am enjoying a more relaxed schedule, and know my health will ultimately benefit from it.
There are still orders to fill and customers to help.
I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to help others keep stitching and creating, through my website.
I am also still planning to spend more time in my own sewing room, once that last box is unpacked, if not sooner!

Available here

One thing I often regretted as a business owner, was not having time to support other businesses -- especially other small local businesses.
As I have made daily runs to the Post Office with orders, I have also made time to reacquaint myself with other stores in my neighborhood.
While not a small or locally owned business, I did enjoy browsing through the nearest location of World Market the other day.  A few of the double insulated tumblers followed me home.
I plan on spending many sunny summer days sipping something delightfully cool and fruity!

May your weekend be filled with Spring goodness, and not too much pollen or too many sneezes!.


Robin Hart said...

I love world market. I looked at those tumblers and could not decide if I needed them. I might have to go back for them soon!

Claudia said...

Yes, I love Spring and all the flowers, but my allergies put up a big old fight!


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