Saturday, April 3, 2010

Much Loved Sugar Eggs

There are some treats in our Easter baskets that are gobbled upon sight.
There are those treats that are wrapped securely and tucked away safely, until next year.
Each year I hold my breath as I open the box in which delicate sugar eggs nestle.  Each year, as I close the box, I hope that they will safely endure another year of storage.

Sugar eggs, with their little peepholes and miniature scenes inside, were very popular during Victorian times.  The outer shell is made of sugar and egg whites, completely edible, but not very tasteful!

Inside is a miniature magical world!

Some of the figures are tiny plastic toys.  Others have been formed with the same icing that decorates the outer shell of the eggs.

My mother not only created Easter magic with needlepoint bunnies, she also created charming little scenes inside flower festooned eggs.
You can see, in the photograph above, this particular egg was made in 1986.  It is still with us today, as these photographs were just snapped earlier this week.
She would make eggs for all the grandchildren, decorating them with names and dates.

Through the years, the colors have faded a little.  A few leaves and petals are not as pointed or perfect as they once were.  There are even a few bare spots here and there.  In my eye, that just means they have been really loved.

I am just thankful they are still here in any condition, and will continue to treasure them until they are simply piles of crumbled sugar.

*You may click on the photographs to view in slightly larger detail.*


Karen said...

Beautiful! I remember eggs like that from when I was little. Your mother was multi-talented. Happy Easter!

Joan said...

That eggs are incredible, Jan! What a talented woman your mother was, and fortunately you inherited all that! I'm so glad you have been able to save these, and her bunnies, and her other special creations!
Happy Easter!

Laurie said...

Oh thank you for the beautiful memories of sugar eggs! Your's are sooooo beautiful! What fun!

Robin Hart said...

Those are gorgeous eggs. I now know where you got your talent. I do remember Michelle eating a sugar egg one year. :)

Smocking with Gwen said...

Love the sugar eggs. I made them many years ago but was never able to save them as my husband was an Air Force pilot....meaning we moved many times and they only survived a few moves. Thanks for sharing this little memory.

Mary Scott said...

I remember those!!! I don't think I had the appreciation for them then as now....I am sure that Ben ate at least one. :)

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