Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Southern Cooking and Reading

I own more cookbooks than I will ever possibly use.
However, that does not stop me from purchasing more.
My latest purchase is A Southerly Course, Recipes & Stories Close to Home by Martha Hall Foose.
This is her second cookbook.  Her first, Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, also resides in my kitchen and has actually been used!
For those of us in the smocking and heirloom world, these are more than just cookbooks by some unknown author.  Martha's mother, Cindy, is a well known and much loved teacher of sewing and smocking.

Creative Needle, November/December 1999

Her beautiful designs often graced the pages of Creative Needle.
Students in Cindy's classes were not only treated to her vast knowledge of sewing techniques, but also her talent as a great storyteller.  Her daughter inherited that same skill.
Martha's latest cookbook is filled with mouth watering recipes, and tales of her life in the South.

The book is also full of wonderful photographs.

Many are all about the food,

and very much drool worthy!

It is obvious much thought and care went into each photograph.

No detail was too small.

For instance, this photograph of Grilled Frog Legs is presented by a lovely lady wearing what?
A frog printed housedress, of course!
Such humorous and endearing details are sprinkled throughout the pages.

I am not sure the recipe for frog legs will be the first thing I try.

Chocolate Chiffon Pie may win that honor!
Yum, yum, yum.

The photographs are not only about food,

but also heartwarming illustrations of Martha and her family's life in the Mississippi Delta.

Martha's knack for combining food and tales make this more than just your average cookbook.

I recently shared with a group of friends an article about Martha from the current issue of Garden & Gun.  Many were not famliar with this magazine about life in the South.
I would not have known about it either, except a very sweet customer told me about it last year.  It has now become one of my favorite magazines.

You may read more about Martha Halls Foose, her coobooks, personal appearances, and her role as food stylist for the movie, The Help, at her website.
Additional information for Garden & Gun is available at their website.

Happy reading, cooking and eating! 


Unknown said...

I may need to add that cookbook to my wish list! Thank you for sharing....I thought maybe there was a connection between her and Cindy Foose (who I once took a class with and LOVED it).

nonie everythingsewing said...

I love anything southern, especially the people. This might just be the wedding gift I have been looking for.


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