Monday, March 22, 2010

A Weekend's Worth

Worked on this a little, and am eager to complete!

Actually used this instead of just reading!

Surprised to see this on Sunday morning!

Smocked a little, but not enough.

Spent much dreaded, but much needed, time with contents of this box.

Happy to see some old friends after a year!
Hope your weekend was full of wonderful moments, too!


Martha said...

You know me, I love a story in pictures! I am loving that bunny dress. What color is the fabric? Please bring your swiffers to my house.

Debbie B said...

Loving all your springy pictures. Our house is seriously in need of some swiffering too. But I'm taking 3 days off this week to finish an Easter dress for our 10-month old grandgirl, so she can have pictures made on Saturday. I hope to have it finished tomorrow night.

Have a question for you though and would love some feedback. I have a 20 year old "Complete Fitted Bishop" pattern that I used when my daughter was little. I am making a size 18 month for our little wonder. My question. They are wearing them longer now than they were 20 year ago. About how much should I add to the pattern measurement - 4 inches / 6 inches / more??

Kathy V said...

Can't wait to see the bunny dress! I'm with you on the snow...couldn't believe it, but glad that it was quickly gone and hope that Spring is here to stay. I received PW's cookbook as a Christmas gift and love it! So, what did you make??

Eloise said...

Catching up after having been away.

I love your spring pictures! You are quite an accomplished photographer; I especially like the angles you use in your pictures.

Those smocked bunnies could not be any cuter! Oh, I long for the days of picking out plates for my girls' Easter dresses. There's nothing sweeter than a bishop dress on a little girl, well, except maybe a bishop bubble. I just love the elastic gathered around chubby little legs. {sigh}

Cindy said...

Jan....what a wonderful weekend in review!!! Love the pictures!!

DawnB said...

CC William & Winnie looks like cute pattern.

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