Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inquiring Minds

There were a few questions from my last entry, which I will try to answer!

Martha inquired about the fabric for the bunny bishop I am currently smocking.  It is Honeydew Smoothie Microcheck by Nashville Cotton, and can be found here.
While I normally think of a honeydew melon as pale green, this fabric is more aqua.

Debbie asked about lengths for a size 18 month bishop.
It is true that dress lengths are a little longer today than those on older patterns.  Some of the newer patterns indicate finished lengths of 19-22" for a bishop of that size.  Children come in all shapes and sizes at that age, so it may depend upon your granddaughter's height. 
Personally, I prefer a slightly shorter length on smaller ones that are still learning to walk.  Too much fabric and length can complicate toddling, as well as hide those cute chubby legs!  Once they are a little older, I love the longer tea length.

To answer Kathy, I made The Pioneer Woman's version of macaroni and cheese!
It was very good!  The jury is still out whether we like it better than my usual recipe from Gracious Goodness, an older cookbook from the Symphony League of Memphis, Tennessee.  Might need to do some more cooking!

I love your comments, and always welcome questions!


Debbie B said...

Thanks for answering about the bishop length! I cut it a little more than 22" because our little Raegan is already almost 30" tall. She is just learning to walk so I think with a large hem it will be fine.
Loving that peach tree too! I've made PW's Apple Dumplings to take to church dinners & everyone raves over them. It's all that butter! My aunt makes PW's Apple Dumplings with peaches. YUM!

Martha said...

Thanks for answering our questions. Good idea about a question answering post, I may "borrow" the idea. :)

Julia said...

On little ones I like to see the little bloomers underneath the dresses, especially if they have ruffles or lace on them.

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