Friday, March 19, 2010

Orange Roofs and Green Nuts!

Almost sounds like a line from a favorite children's book!
If you are of a certain age, you might remember a chain of restaurants named after their founder, Howard Johnson. They always had orange roofs.   Many were crowned with a cupola and weather vane depicting  the company logo of Simple Simon and the Pieman!

I especially remember dining at the Ft. Worth location when visiting my paternal grandfather.
One of their specialities was fried clams - a rare treat for landlocked North Texas.
Their other claim to fame was the ice cream:  28 flavors!  This was long before Baskin-Robbins or Ben and Jerry.
Mother's favorite was pistachio, hands down.  I remember sharing many scoops of that light green confection.  I was mostly enchanted with the fact that each scoop came with its own little Howard Johnson logo-bearing cookie.  A cookie that you did not even have to request. 
How sweet!

The other night, as I went dashing through the grocery store, I spied a display of these:
Nothing at all like a dish of Howard Johnson's pistachio ice cream, but they still conjured up some sweet childhood memories.
I might add that I am now totally addicted to this rather unique salt and pepper flavor and can't stop eating them!  Wonder what Mother would think?

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Julia said...

I remember!

Joan said...

That's how I remember HoJo's! Loved those friend clams!

BrenOaks said...

Jan, we are addicted to those same pistachios and buy them by the huge bag at Costco! :)

DawnB said...

I remember stopping at a HJ in Gary, Indiana in 1966 we were driving from CA to MD, we got off of the freeway to avoid the rush hour traffic, DD Laura was 2 and only liked chocolate or vanilla, they were out of both LOL

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