Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love Affair with a City

It all started years ago during a family vacation to Charleston, SC.  Coming from a city where new is good and brand new is even better, I was smitten with a city where old is not a bad thing.  Instead, things showing good age are to be respected and treasured.
As a city, it has withstood the test of time and Mother Nature.  A sparkling city, its history and beauty remains intact and forever preserved.

Fast forward a few years, and now I have a date with the city of Charleston each February.  For a few blissful days, I gather with a group of friends for stitching, laughing, and conversing.  There are also lots of hugs, and sometimes tears.  We have mourned the loss of one of our original members, but delight in the continued presence of her daughter.  Our hearts grieved with the unexpected death of  another's husband.  We have rejoiced over the addition of family members through marriage and birth.  We have shared many of life's ups and downs -- all set against the backdrop of a charming city.

A city where both four wheel and four footed transportation co-exist.

A city where ironwork resembles fine lace,

still allowing a peek at exquisite houses and gardens beyond.

A city where porches are just as important as interior rooms, inviting you to sit a spell.

A city where steeples have always reached high into the blue skies.

A city where cobblestone streets still exist -- although not recommended for walking with high heels!

A city where windows are not just for peering out of,

nor doors for simply coming and going.  They are architectural works of art.

The only sweet thing about departing is knowing that I have a date to return next year -- and fall in love all over again.

Until then, I also have a lot of stitching to complete!


Martha said...

Bravo!!!!!!!! Great job, and thank you for the tour of Charleston.

Lois said...

Jan, I'm glad I found your blog. I still enjoy your beautiful work from that SewTalk swap of long ago. Hope that you'll become a follower of my blog (afraid that mine isn't as happy as yours). We'll be able to keep in touch through our blogs! Lovely pictures of Charleston! Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

So beautiful!!! Your blog, Charleston....and YOU! I am proud of you for taking this leap of faith and providing us with so much fun and beauty.

Anonymous said...

Jan, your new blog is lovely...I'll be back again and again. :)

Eileen said...

Great job! I look forward to more posts.

Joan said...

Just beautiful, Jan! Your writing, as always, is lyrical, and your photos so artistic!

Unknown said...

what a lovely post today!!!! I have never been to Charleston but have a deep desire to go. Your post is making me yearn even more to go there. (I am currently reading Pat Conroy's "South of Broad")

Robin Hart said...

I read this last night and so wanted to take advantage of the cheap airfare from LAX this weekend to visit. It has been a long time since I have been to Charleston and you are making me miss the south a lot!

Judy said...

Great job, Jan, as usual you are a wonderful writer. Your so creative and talented. Can't wait to see more! We were in Charleston over night in Sept. I wanted to spend more time there so badly, now you have made me want to go back.

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