Friday, October 7, 2011

Canstruction Again

Some of you may remember this post from last year, when I shared photos of Canstruction, the most unique food drive in the world.  The local competition is sponsored by the Society for Design Admininstration, and is currently on exhibit at NorthPark Center.

Recently, I was in the area on business, and took a few minutes to tour this year's event.

Dallas architects and engineers come together to build sculptures, using only cans, boxes and bags of non-perishable food.

At the close of the exhibit, all cans, boxes and bags of food will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank.
Once again, I was reminded how fortunate I am there are cans sitting on my pantry shelves, and fresh food waiting in my refrigerator.

There were 24 entries this year, so this is only a small sampling.
Sports were a popular theme -- and especially nods to Dallas pro teams.
This is a replica of the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy won this year by the Dallas Mavericks.

Social media was also represented, as seen in this two-sided FaceBook entry.

An eery coincidence were entries depicting iPods, iPads and iPhones.  There is no way the creators of those sculptures could have predicted the recent passing of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. 
Designing of the sculptures began months ago, with build-out and installation occurring a week prior to his untimely death.  Unfortunately, those sculptures were in locations difficult to photograph due to sunlight and other mall activities.

It took me awhile to figure out exactly what this sculpture represented.
Can you guess?
The title was E-luminating.  Even with that hint, I was a little puzzled!
It depicts an energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs.
Can you tell I still prefer the old-fashioned type? 

So, that's a quick tour of this year's Canstruction!
Sorry for a few blurry pictures.  I truly was zipping through the mall.  Fast and furious seems to be the theme of my life lately.  The days are flying past.  I am busy, but that to-do-list does not seem to disappear!  Moments to sew have been few and far between.
This weekend, we will be attending a memorial service for a sweet friend.  Monday will bring another funeral service for an elderly family member.  It makes me want to hang onto each day a little longer, and squeeze as much as possible into each one.
May your weekend be filled with joyful moments, crisp autumn smells and flavors, and victory for your favorite football --and baseball -- teams!


Kellie said...

Those are so unique! Thanks for sharing... and a good cause!

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

God keep you safe in your travels and your spirits lifted, so sorry to read of your family loss.

Never have I seen art displayed like that, now that takes skill.
I like the worm and apple.

God keep you safe.

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