Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cans Can Feed

I mentioned previously that the Dallas Arboretum is one of my favorite places in the city. 
Another favorite is NorthPark Center.
I feel a little guilty admitting that a shopping mall holds such a spot of honor, but it is so much more than a place to shop.
For me, it holds so many memories.  Good memories.
It is a place that my mother and I giggled like school girls.
It is where I would meet my sister when she was a buyer for Neiman Marcus.
It is where I spent hours working a phone bank to raise funds and sell season tickets for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.
It is where I, and so many others, picked up packets for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
It is where I pushed a stroller in an attempt to entertain my young son, and assure myself there were people in the world taller than 3 feet with real vocabularies.
It is where that same son first sat on Santa's knee.
It is where I will go in a few weeks and still see the timeless holiday decorations that once filled his eyes with amazement and wonder.
It is a place filled not only with stores, but also wonderful artwork, landscaped gardens and inspiration in many forms.
It is so much more than a shopping mall.

NorthPark constantly gives back to the community, hosting various fundraisers and exhibits throughout the year.
I just happened to be there recently and observe Canstruction, the most unique food drive in the world.
Canstruction is an annual competition of giant structures built completely with canned food.  Competing teams are led by architects and engineers.  Competitions are held throughout the country.  This local competition is organized by the Society for Design Administration, working in tandem with the American Institute of Architects.
This was the 14th annual local competition and featured 23 structures.

Don't Let Hunger Drag-on by Corgan Associates, Inc.
Approximately 6,000 cans

Some sculptures incorporated bags of  beans or packets of soup mix for just the right texture or color.

We Can Turn Hunger Around by Perkins + Will
Approximately 2025 cans

Close up of turntable.  The black color was achieved with plastic lids.

I-CAN-dy by FKP Architects
Approxiimately 3225 cans

Pairing Up to End Hunger by Alliance Architects
Approximately 1182 cans

Due to strong sunlight, I was unable to take a good photograph of the opposite side of the ark.  That side featured pairs of small plastic animals marching up the plank of the ark.

I was able to capture a photograph of the cute couple at the ark's bow!

Souper Bowl by HDR Architects
Approxiimately 5860 cans

A most appropriate sculpture, since the metroplex will be hosting the NFL Super Bowl in January 2011.
Notice it is resting on green turf to resemble a football field.
You can also, just barely, see a spoon handle emerging from the bowl on the opposite side.

Extinguish Hunger by VAI Architects
Approximately 2120 cans

Blowing Away Hunger by Paige-Southerland-Paige
Approximately 4020 cans

Following the competition and exhibit, all food is donated to the North Texas Food Bank.
What was a delightful exhibit and feast for the eyes of many, will become desperately needed nourishment for many bodies.
As I looked at the vast amount of food, I was reminded how very blessed I am.
While my life is not perfect, and some days are difficult, I have never known hunger.
I pray that someday that can be true for all.

Until then, I am thankful for non-profits such as Canstruction, all the teams of architects and engineers that contributed their time and talent, and a shopping mall that is a favorite spot for more reasons than shopping.


Nancy said...

WOW!!! All those can structures are amazing. I llove going to the mall during the holidays and seeing all the decorations.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jan:
This work is truly inspirational! Thanks so much for taking the photos and sharing them with us. Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend.

ShirleyC said...

I've never seen anything like that. Thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

The sculptures are marvelous, as are your photographs, Jan! I loved reading of y our memories of this special mall!

Martha said...

How cool are those sculptures! I think my favorite is the tornado. It looks so cool. That is a wonderful mall. I remember visiting it when my mother lived in Dallas. Thanks

Unknown said...

I will have to go to that mall next time I'm in the area! Love the designs on those can sculptures!

Rettabug said...

That is some amazing & inspiring CANstruction! What a great idea for a great cause. Passing on the link to others who might be interested in doing something similar here.

I noticed that you asked about ME on knits over on Delphi. Lots of good advice & tips given. I wanted to add that if you put some "Steam a Seam, II" on the back of any little pieces of fabric that you use for ME applique, after you are done with the stitching, trimming & final satin stitch, you can take your little Clover iron & press those sections to make them adhere nicely. They won't wrinkle & thus won't need ironing after laundry like Bridget was talking about. HTHelps

Come see my cute witch runner I made last year for Halloween!

Anonymous said...

How neat! Lillian would love this!!


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