Monday, October 10, 2011

The dress that was not,

is not, and may not be made!
I had a plan.
I had the fabric, smocking plate and trim.
I was not completely committed to a pattern, but was narrowing it down.
With a little tweaking of floss colors, I was envisioning a cute little brown and white polka dot
back-to-school dress.  It would be smocked with an apple design and trimmed with lime green rick rack or piping.
I blinked, school had started and we were headed toward October.

Thus, Plan B was born!
So many cute Autumn, Halloween and Thanksgiving designs from which to choose!
Replace that apple with a happy pumpkin, plump turkey or silly scarecrow.
Substitute orange for the lime green, and it was full steam ahead.
Except, I ended up cleaning out closets and a zillion other things.
Knowing my slow pace of picture smocking, I may not squeeze this one out by the time the menu calls for turkey and pumpkin pie.

I may be headed back to a twist on the original color scheme.
Brown is the color of reindeer, and at least one has a very shiny red nose!  A great color combination!
Lime green has become a very popular replacement for the traditional Christmas green.
Several holiday plates could easily be tweaked to incorporate it.
Not to mention, the brown polka dots remind me of snowflakes falling, and there are also plates with winter themes and winter animals - polar bears, penguins and more!

I am not saying this version will come any closer to completion.  At least now, you know I do think about sewing and smocking even if I am not writing about it!

Not sure whether I hope to hear I am in good company, or sad to think we are all too busy to sit and stitch.

All fabric, smocking designs and trim from BessieMary.


Kellie said...

Love the polka dots too! Perhaps something non-seasonal is in order LOL! As my pastor always says... "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape!"

Martha said...

Cute ideas. Love the polka dots. Love the color combos.

Anonymous said...

Very cute ideas! Projects roll through my head all the time...My brain sews much faster than my fingers. I do like seeing your ideas of fabric, trim, and plates together...perhaps a weekly inspirational blogpost? :)

Janice said...

Any one of these possible dresses would be fabulous. To pull together 3 dresses for three seasons from the same fabric is so creative. I love your choices.

Brooke said...

It took me THREE months to finish my baby's pumpkin bishop so I feel your pain :)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I loooooooove smocking, but have never done it. Seems like all your choices would be so incredibly fabulous! Never enough time for us creative folks. ;)
xx, shell

Jan said...

I smocked that very same plate, but like yours, my isn't finished yet either. One of these days it will be.

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