Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time for a Check-up!

We are headed to Minnesota and Mayo Clinic again,
and there is no snow in the forecast this time!
Actually, the daytime temperatures should be above freezing while we are there!

This is my first post-surgery check up.
I am eager to hear my surgeon's thoughts about my current condition and future treatment.

I have the little bishop* from yesterday's entry packed, and plan to do some smocking as we drive.
Or, I may just enjoy gazing out the window and not thinking about a thing!
If all goes according to plan, we will take a few detours on the way home and visit with family and friends.
I think both my husband and I are ready for a little vacation.

I might check in and maybe share an adventure or two from the road.
Otherwise, see you back here soon!

* I referred to the bishop as "tiny" in my entry yesterday, and a dear reader wondered if I was using a special pattern for small sizes.  It is a size 0-3 months from Ellen McCarn's regular Baby Bishops pattern.  It is just much smaller than anything I have stitched recently!  I usually make a larger size for baby gifts, so the baby will have something to wear later.  This time, I wanted to give something that she might be able to wear home or for Easter.


Sewbusymor said... wishes for safe travel [no snow] good reports and fun times with family and friends. Keeping you in my prayers! Karin
PS..tiny bishop's are so much fun

Lori said...

Been thinking about you and your trip.
You and Tom be safe, enjoy the alone time too.
I'm praying for a great report and continued improvement!

Hugs to you.

Piper said...

I hope you have a very safe and wonderful trip up North. I also will be praying for a great check up and that everything is healing well.
Your baby bishop looks delicate and wonderful. I think I might need to look into some small bishop smocking plates for my tiny one. So glad you can smock again.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Praying for a safe trip and good reports from the dr's.
Have a fun time taking some time off and enjoying family and friends. WIll be keeping watch to see what the dr say.

God's Blessing for a safe trip and outcome.

Rebecca Nelson said...

Happy traveling sweet Jan. I pray all goes well with your checkup! LOVIN' that picture of you with the glasses. Beautiful lady you are!



Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I do hope you have a great checkup! I love your new photo - your smile really comes through.

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