Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soul Soothing Smocking

Yesterday morning this pulled up in front of my home.

Several hours later, I was the proud owner of approximately eight feet of new PVC piping,
and my bank account was several thousand (yes, more than one, two or three thousand) dollars lighter.
Needless to say, the rosy sweet glow left from Valentine's Day quickly dimmed.

Some form of soul soothing distraction was desperately needed!
With my wallet much lighter, I decided maybe spending money on a favorite flavor milkshake from a favorite chicken sandwich restaurant was probably not the best solution.
I turned to some soul soothing smocking, instead.

My husband's assistant is expecting a baby girl in April.
I expect she will be sweet and petite like her mother!
I selected white Skip Dent fabric for a tiny little bishop, using Ellen McCarn's Baby Bishops pattern.

The term "skip dent" refers to a type of weaving that produces a design in the fabric, such as the stripes in this piece of fabric.
This particular fabric is a polyester/cotton blend, but feels and behaves much like an all cotton fabric.  I enjoy working with it, and a new mother will enjoy its easy care.

Angel Baby is a smocking plate by Crosseyed Cricket, designed especially for tiny bishops.  The design covers approximately seven half-space rows.
I have changed the colors and am using a very pale blue, instead of pink, and a slightly different green.
Since this is a tiny little gown, and the fabric is also delicate, I am smocking with only two strands of floss.

As I discussed in this blog post, I have recently discovered that a larger needle aids in picture smocking since more strands of floss are required.  However, for geometric smocking on delicate fabrics, I still prefer to use a Crewel 8.  Lately, I have noticed Richard Hemming has retitled their Crewel needles as Embroidery needles.

I am thankful all my plumbing fixtures are now back in operation, and a little stitching soothed my soul!
I certainly hope you do not have plumbing issues, but I do hope you find time today for a little stitching!

Skip Dent fabric, pattern, smocking plate, floss, and needles available at BessieMary.


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

8 ft that is all? Oh my goodness, things have sure gone up. I know the feeling of how light the wallet can feels after a home repair. Home values may have gone down but the repair charges did not.

Good to know the milkshake hit the spot, I love the peach one in the summer. Have to eat it with a spoon, the peach chunks wont go up the straw.

Your work is always exceptional, each stitch perfection. I am happy to see your hands stitching again. The assistant will be receiving a work of art.

Julia said...

I'm sorry for your plumbing problems. We've been in that situation! No fun!
But, your diversion of soul soothing smocking is just the remedy!

nonie everythingsewing said...

Sorry to hear about the plumbing problems so glad it is fixed.

The bishop is going to be adorable and smocking cures all.


Goosegirl said...

Oh I can't wait to see that pretty little dress all done. I am so sorry about your plumbing, but fixed plumbing works soooo much better than broken plumbing. :-)Happy smocking day.

Jeannie B. said...

I love the way you always walk on the sunny side of the street! Your glow shines over on the rest of us too!! Thank you.

Laurie said...

We have had similar weeks. Our 34 year old well pump died gracefully this week. I haven't asked my loving spouse the $$$ part. I too am trying to spend time in soothing sewing projects.

Aunt Honey said...

Been there, done that with the yard being dug up. But it's so nice when it's all fixed!

Can't wait to see the baby bishop. I didn't know that Ellen McCarn had a tiny pattern -- I love her bishop pattern and use it all the time. Would love to find out about the tiny pattern.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

That dress will be so sweet.

I know the "plumbing feeling". Not fun! We are wrestling with a few plumbing issues, but not anything that expensive!

Robin Hart said...

Love that bishop.... sorry about the plumbing costs though.

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