Sunday, February 6, 2011


For some, it has been a bleak winter week --
not only in the weather, but also in many hearts.
There has been doubt,
and the loss of dearly loved ones.
The big picture is fuzzy and out of focus.

It is difficult to be thankful when your heart is breaking.
Yet, there is a plan, even if God is the only one to see it.

We must continue walking forward, greeting each new dawn with grateful and grace filled hearts.
Until at last we, too, see more clearly.

In Memory of
The Rev. Dr. Lee Miller
1938 ~ 2011
We celebrate and give thanks for a life well lived.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Jan:
So sorry for your loss, my friend. Also...I love your new photo on your profile. Look how long your hair is now!
Love and Hugs,

Rachel said...

well, aren't you beautiful! Inside and out. Thank you for being who you are. God Bless Lee and all who loved him!

Unknown said...

A lovely tribute to Lee, Jan. He will be much missed.

Unknown said...

This is beautiful Jan. May you have a blessed week. I'm glad I stopped by to visit.

mabnoel said...

What a beautiful tribute, Jan.

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