Friday, November 19, 2010

He Must Have Been Jealous

My husband must have envied all my recent visits to doctors, and decided to join the fun.
In order not to revisit this little episode, he has been spending quite a bit of time at home resting.
I have been spending quite a bit of time worrying and watching him.
Needing something to do quitely, while he snoozed, I picked up my very neglected knitting needles.

This is a fun confetti yarn that happened to be in my stash.  Using fairly large needles, I am just knitting a very simple scarf.  It is easy on my eyes, since simple knitting such as this really doesn't require much eye energy.

I also added a few rows of furry eyelash yarn at the beginning, and will do the same at the end.  I think it gives a little weight to the lighter confetti yarn, and makes for a more finished look.
This should add a fun and colorful touch at the neck of my new black coat!
All the time I am knitting, I keep thinking that maybe it would have been wiser to select a warm and wooly yarn for our upcoming trip to the Mayo Clinic.  My appointment has been scheduled for December 2.

The patient is feeling better today and is off to check on a few things at the office.
If he stays too long, I may have to use some of this yarn to drag him back home and tie him down.

Thank goodness it is Friday!
Have a great one!


Jeannie B. said...

Jan, that is really unusual yard. I hope you both have a restful and uneventful weekend.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Your scarf is going to be beautiful! You'll be in MN for my birthday...and my MN sister will be here to celebrate with me. I'll set aside time just to think about you and pray that you get some good news. Hope your husband is feeling better, too.

Claudia said...

Lovely scarf, Jan! Now you two have to behave - stay well!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice scarf, Jan...I bet you could easily knit a one out of wool for your trip up North.

Joan said...

Just to be clear: Was this knitting you started while Tom was in the hospital several months ago, or has he had a new incident -- how I hope not!
(((HUGS))) I love the yarn!

Jan M said...

Joan, this was a new incident with Tom. I just started knitting this scarf last week. So far, he has been able to rest at home and no trips to the hospital for treatment, only for tests.

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