Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet Little Wallet

This was a fun  -- and very quick -- little project!

The pattern is one of Valori Wells' Sewing Cards.
The largest pattern piece is approximately 6" x 7".  It is a wonderful way to use up those bits and pieces of fabric.
The pattern called for, and I used, two coordinating quilting fabrics.  However, I can see this with each piece and pocket being a different fabric.
Small scraps of silk would be delightful!
 Consider linen, or another solid fabric, with a touch of hand embroidery -- maybe a small monogram.

There are three pockets.  The first two smaller pockets are perfectly sized for driver licenses, credit cards or business cards.
The slightly larger back pocket easily holds several folded dollar bills or checks.

I made mine with two changes to the original instructions.
The pattern calls for fusible interfacing to be applied to only one piece of the wallet body.  I added interfacing to both the outer and inner fabric pieces.  I also added a piece of fusible interfacing to the outer piece of each pocket.  While I used a fairly light woven fusible interfacing, it seemed to add a little more weight and stability to the overall project.
Turning the wallet right side out, is a bit tricky and probably moreso by my addition of the extra interfacing.  However, I believe the additional interfacing will be part of future wallets, too.

I also used a small piece of voile to cover the snap, before stitching it to the wallet.  It looks a little more "finished", and less obtrusive than a plain silver snap.
Hook and loop tape could also be used.
A decorative button, with buttonhole or loop, is another possibility.
For future projects, I might investigate the use of a magnetic snap.

These would make quick and easy holiday gifts, and be a delightful way to present a gift card.
I plan to carry mine in smaller evening bags as holiday festivities begin.
I think it will be perfect!

Pattern is available here.


Claudia said...

That is so sweet, Jan. I love that fabric, as well! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Martha said...

Love it! SO cute and a sweet gift.

Piper said...

What an adorable little wallet. I love your choices of fabrics. Just lovely! I think I may have to go look at this little wallet. I have a little girl who would love one of these.

Goosegirl said...

Oh so pretty! And looks like a great teacher or girlfriend gift for the financially challenged fabric hoarder. I will check it out. Thanks Jan!

Melissa Lester said...

What a cute wallet and lovely gift idea. I wanted to let you know I linked to your shop today in my post of daughter Emma's new blue bishop dress.

Laurie said...

Oooooh! I just love that! I think I MUST have that pattern!!!! Thanks for sharing - love the nifty ideas I get from hopping blog to blog this time of year! I am going to tweet about your blog - may many visitors come your way! :)

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