Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spoonful of Sugar Cupcake Style!

Today's schedule included some rather frustrating medical tests.
Fortunately, the doctor's office was only a hop, skip and jump from Sprinkles -- home of my favorite  cupcake.

After a certain age, it seems doctors quit rewarding patients for good behavior with stickers, crayons and a lollipop!  So, I convinced my chauffeur (aka "Husband Dearest") that I needed to provide my own reward!

That's three Red Velvet, two Black & White, and one Dark Chocolate.
Can you guess which is my favorite?

Red Velvet, without a doubt!

With each bite, the day's frustrations faded a little farther away.

In the words of a certain umbrella wielding English nanny:
For a . . .
Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
The medicine go down-wown.
The medicine go down.
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,
In a most delightful way!

Very wise words!

Thank you for all the kind messages and prayers.  There are a few more appointments and tests that will be necessary, before all questions are answered.
In the meantime, I still have cupcakes calling my name!


Anonymous said...

Jan, you are a sweet cupcake...and I'm happy to see that you treat yourself...i do the same...and not just after doctor's visits....!!!

take care of you and yours!
ciao bella

DawnB said...

Yummy !!! They look delicious, you deserve a treat.

Rachel said...

Yeah for a little self-spoiling!
Wish I could have shared in the yumminess of those red velvet cupcakes.....not sure they sell them in Yankee country!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Jan~ I so hope you're feeling better soon. I too do the reward thing after a doctor's appointment. We deserve a little treat for all we go through! I hope you gobbled up all those cupcakes...except for the one you shared with your hubby, or course!
Feel better, Sweetie. xoxo Paulette

Judy said...

LOVE IT! They look Delicious! Eat them, you deserve each and every one! I ate some raspberry icecream tonight. It did help!

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