Monday, April 19, 2010

Cute Camera Case Wristlet!

After seeing the cute ones that Alisa, of The Sweet Life, shared during Friday's Sew & Tell, I decided my camera really deserved a spiffy new case, too!
The pattern was also my introduction to purchasing, downloading, printing and using an e-pattern.  As a shop owner, I must admit to being a loyal fan of the traditional printed patterns -- especially for garments and larger projects.
For a small project like this, all the pattern pieces easily fit on regular 8.5" x 11" paper.  That made it very simple to print out and use. 
The pros and cons of e-patterns remain a discussion for another time and place.  In the meantime, on with this fun project!

The pattern, Camera Case Wristlet, is by Keyka Lou and available here.
You will, no doubt, find many other cute and fashionable bags and purses at Michelle's website!
The instructions were top notch -- very thorough and easy to understand for all levels of stitchers.

I used three coordinating fat quarters of quilting cotton that I happened to have on hand.  I seriously considered using some yummy Liberty of London remnants, but decided to stay with the quilting cotton for this trial run.  The pattern calls for fusible interfacing and quilt batting.  While I had plenty of interfacing, I am not a quilter.  Batting is not a staple in my sewing room.  I did have some Pellon fleece, which seemed to work just fine!

The case is small, finishing at approximately 3.75" high, 4.75" wide and 1.25" deep.
I discovered that my Flip video camera fits in it snugly, and is pictured above.  I actually constructed it with my small Sony Cyber-shot digital camera in mind.  I am thinking those Liberty remnants may become a Camera Case Wristlet afterall! 

The case closes on the front with a small strip of Velcro.
The straps wrap around adding additional closure, as well as forming a wrist loop.
There is a small pocket on the back, too.
It was a fun and quick project!
Do something nice for your camera today!


Debbie B said...

Jan, that is just too cute! You'll be stylin' with that snazzy camera case on your wrist! Makes me want one too!

Wanted to say I loved the applique jumpers from the other day. I'll have to find time to make one (or 100!!:)) for our grandgirl. She was 11 months old Saturday.

I got my huge (well huge for me) order from BessieMary the other day. All the fabric has been washed and am itching to take some time to cut out several things for her from the new patterns I got. Now I have to decide which fabrics to make those cute jumpers from. So much to little time!

Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

I also noticed this cute pattern,
I am glad to see you tried it successfully!
and like you I have a passion for Liberty... could be perfect project for leftover!
I am looking forward to seeing it in Liberty...

Alisa said...

Oh, I love your fabric choice! Just beautiful...thanks for the mention.

Anonymous said...

this is very cute! i want one!

ciao bella

Rachel said...

yep, I bought it! I think I am going to see if a certain sweet daughter's GPS would fit inside it?
Thanks for the inspiration.

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