Sunday, October 7, 2012

Catching Up!

It's been awhile since we chatted!
Let's see if I can remember how to do this.
First, thank you so much for all the kind comments, encouragement and support
regarding the closing of my business.
The main reason for my absence here has been the flurry of activity on my website.
Seems I spend the majority of my time filling, packing and shipping orders.
My husband and I also took a few days off to attend his 40th high school reunion and visit family and friends in Tennessee.  It was a delightful time!
Now, the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing, and my life is heading in new directions. 
There are still some orders to fill and merchandise to sell, but the website will soon be closing permanently.

Many of my sewing friends are busy packing their bags for Atlanta.  The 2012 Convention of the Smocking Arts Guild of America begins on Tuesday.  How I wish I could be in attendance with them.
I am certainly there in spirit, and anxious to hear their reports afterwards.
A small part of me is also there in this chatelaine.
I made and contributed it to the Delphi Heirloom Sewing and Smocking raffle basket.
The chatelaine, combined with a silk embroidered hussif, reticule, scissor case and handmade scissor fob, will be won by a lucky attendee!
Some of you may have already seen the photographs shared on Facebook or at HS&S.
The chatelaine is made of blue silk satin ribbon, woven through mother of pearl rings.  A pair of small embroidery scissors is looped on one end.  A ribbon pouch, embellished with seed pearls, can hold a thimble.  The silk strawberry, filled with emery, is for polishing needles.
A small mother of pearl heart-shaped button holds the ribbons together at center back.
The chatelaine can be draped around one's neck. 
I use mine mostly to just keep track of those small scissors on my often cluttered sewing surface!
It also comes in handy while sitting and stitching on a comfy couch or chair.  It is more difficult for everything to disappear among cushions and pillows, when they are all linked together!
The photograph prompted many inquiries and requests for additional chatelaine instructions and information.  I thought I would share a few similar chatelaines and sewing accessories I have made over the years. 
The chatelaine above was made and donated to the Wee Care raffle basket during the 2004 SAGA Convention.
This particular chatelaine included hand embroidery on the ivory silk satin ribbons.  A small pincushion and more elaborate ribbon thimble pouch were also included.
Another SAGA member generously donated various decorative sewing tools.  They, and the strawberry and pincushion, were attached to the chatelaine after this photograph was taken.
This is a chatelaine I made for myself several years ago.
While perusing photographs, in search of chatelaines, I stumbled upon this silk ribbon embroidered mouse pincushion!  She was made and contributed to the Wee Care raffle basket for the 2005 SAGA Convention.
I also rediscovered this pincushion and emery strawberry.  They were made to coordinate with a pair of Gingher designer embroidery scissors, and given as a gift.
It is so much fun to make these sewing accessories, whether you keep them for yourself or share the joy with others.
None of these ideas, for the chatelaine, pincushions, strawberries or thimble pouches, are necessarily original.  I have taken ideas from a variety of sources, and fitted them for specific persons or events.
Due to the many requests, I will try to soon share basic instructions or resources for making some of your own.
In the meantime, happy stitching -- whether in the solitude of your own home or sewing room, or while gathered with fellow sewing sisters!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Hi Jan,
It's nice to see you posting again. These are lovely chatelaines, and I especially like the pincushion and emery heart made to go with the scissors. What a clever idea!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jan,

I feel so fortunate to have won the 2004 basket (has it really been that long ago?!), and certainly treasure the chateline you made. It is even more beautiful than the picture!!


Kellie said...

Beautiful work! I am forever losing my tiny scissors among the folds of fabric or cushions! I do believe I have a new project!

Jeannie B. said...

Hi There. I will be thinking of you every time I stuff a Raffle Ticket in the box for the Delphi basket!!

Lois said...

Jan, I treasure the rice filled hand-embroidered monogrammed scissor weight with the PURPLE embroidery scissors attached! That was from a VERY long ago exchange on the SewTalk site. You do such lovely work. I consider myself very blessed to have a piece of your lovely work!

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