Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Flirty Skirt

Now you can faint.
No posts for months.
Then, two in four days -- and both about sewing!
Sometimes I even surprise myself.

I must warn and apologize, though, the photographs are not stellar.
It was either spend time retaking photographs, or actually get this posted.
I decided on the latter.

I started this skirt last summer.  It was never completed for several reasons.
Nothing like an event this weekend to prompt me to pull it out, and give it another go.

The instructions I used are from Anna Maria Horner's blog, and can be found here.

The fabric is a voile from a quilting company.  To me, it seems more like a lawn.  It is the perfect weight for a summer skirt, and I really enjoyed working with the fabric.
 I lined it with a very sheer Swiss batiste.

A few summers ago, I purchased a skirt with a similar shirred waist and loved it.
It is easy to pull down on the hips a little, giving a smoother line and less fluff where many of us do not need more.  Yet, the elastic waist is so comfortable and easy to wear.

For now, it looks great with a white or cream t-shirt or tank and sandals.
I plan to pull in some of the darker colors with tops and cardigans this fall, and extend the wear a little.  It should still work nicely when I have to put away the white jeans and capris and linen slacks, but am not ready for winter wool skirts and slacks.

I have noticed many ready-to-wear summer skirts with hemline tucks.  This is one of my favorite techniques for hemming little girls' dresses.  It is quick, adds a finishing touch, and is very sturdy.  While I may not worry about pulling hems out on the playground, I have been known to rip out hems with my big feet when trying to get dressed too quickly!

For the lining, I simply turned a narrow hem twice, and machine stitched.

Here is a photograph of the shirred waist on the inside of the skirt. 
It gives a better idea of the four rows of narrow elastic casings which form the waistband.
Many mothers complain their young daughters do not like skirts that sit on the waist.
This might be the perfect solution!
The elastic could be adjusted in the casings to better fit the body, as it changes
from waistline to hip area,  Although, most little girls do not have as much variance as us big girls!
I did tweak the pattern a little, cutting my skirt rectangles more narrow to remove fullness.

I believe in trying to make the inside of my garments as finished as the outside, and often use
French seams in my construction.  Even with lightweight fabric, French seams might be too bulky in the waistline/casing area.  Instead, I turned the edge of each seam allowance to the wrong side, stitching close to the edge.

After giving the finished skirt a good pressing, I laid it on the ironing board and smashed the shirring and gathers flat, just slightly, and only for a few inches beyond the bottom casing.  I think it will help the gathers lie more smoothly, looking more like a flirty skirt and
less like a poofy dirndle skirt!

I am so glad this project is no longer in the UFO pile!  While I have not jumped on the maxi dress wagon, I do think this style would be darling in a maxi length.  I may consider that route for another piece of voile in my stash.  If so, I may remove even a little more fullness.

Have you made any summer skirts? 


Kellie said...

This is too cute! So good to hear from you again!

Saint Nolt Sews said...

Love this skirt. I want to make one! Thanks for the inspiration.

kr said...

Your skirt is beautiful! I like how you finish the inside. This is a summer of skirts for me. I have found that I like Ottobre's Swing Knit Skirt. It's easy to make, feminine to wear, and so much cooler than shorts.

Eileen said...

This is great and my dd would love one also!

Aunt Honey said...

Beautiful skirt. So glad you're back!! You provide such inspiration for all of us!

Anonymous said...

Jan, is this really you or has some excellent seamstress tied you up and taken over your sewing room??? Love this skirt idea and pretty fabric! Very happy you are back!! :)

Linwood & Margaret said...

It is so wonderful to see you back online again. Hope you are feeling much better.

My Life as Whitney said...

I love this skirt! I haven't made ANY (gasp!) summer skirts yet! Summer is almost over! I need to make a Joann's run asap!

Carole said...

Beautiful skirt and I love the shirring and material. Totally fabulous!

Karen said...

I am so glad that you are feeling well and able to sew again! I love reading your inspirational posts, too. This skirt is darling and has made the "To Do" list. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a message on my blog!

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