Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yesterday's agenda included embellishing and monogramming a few burp cloths for a sweet new baby.  As the day unfolded, it became the only thing on the agenda.  During several moments, I was the one doing some serious spitting, sputtering and fuming!

It has been awhile since I used the embroidery feature of my sewing machine, and it evidently decided to teach me a thing or two.  Or, at least test my patience.
I am not one to upgrade each time a new machine is introduced.  My Husqvarna Viking Designer I still uses those obsolete things called floppy disks to transfer the design from the computer to the machine.  That means plugging an external disk drive into the computer, since my computer no longer even accepts floppy disks.  We evidently replace computers more often than sewing machines around here!

After finally getting everything set up, or so I thought, all I received were error messages. 
The thought occurred to read the instructions.  Maybe I had forgotten some important step.
After digging through my sewing room, finding many other treasures in the process, I ultimately found the user's guide to my embroidery software. 
No enlightment there.

A call to my dealer provided no clues, either.
Except to shell out several hundred dollars for new software.
No, I don't think so.

The search for the user's guide also provided the embroidery software CD.
At that point, what did I have to lose?
I decided to remove the software from my computer, and reinstall it.
Don't ask me why, but it worked!
It only took six hours, five cans of Diet Coke (the sixth drink, if needed, would definitely have been something much stronger), one bag of Ghirardelli Sea Salt Soiree dark chocolate squares, and two broken fingernails.
But, the monogram was finally transferred to a floppy and headed toward my machine!

In the end, there are three monogrammed burp cloths!

Today, I am off to one of my least favorite destinations:  the dentist.
I actually like my dentist and all his office staff.  They are almost like family. 
I am just not fond of the pain sometimes incurred.
After yesterday, I am thinking a day of drilling is nothing.
I am pretty sure no fingernails will be broken while sitting in a chair.
And please, let's just keep my Diet Coke and chocolate addiction between us.
That is not something he really needs to hear.
May your Wednesday be wonderful!


Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Hi Jan,
What an experience! I'm glad you finally got it figured out. I think I'll have the same problem as you. I have an HV D1, an external floppy disc drive, but I have a Mac, not a PC. I've installed Parallels so I can run Windows 7, but haven't installed the embroidery software yet. I'm with you, I don't want to trade in the sewing machine for a new one for some time yet.

Jan Conwell said...

I have a twenty five year old's not an embroidery machine but it has tricks I don't know how to ask it to do...

Enjoyed your tale. Amazing what we'll go through for something designed to absorb baby urp.

Deb said...

Your post has me laughing.
I'm sure at the time you didn't find the problem funny, but your description is hilarious!
After yesterday's adventure, the trip to the dentist today will most likely seem like a trip to the spa.

Kellie said...

Love the colors of these! And I too hate the dentist... more the chair than the actual guy! :-)

Unknown said...

Jan, Diana bought me a separate hard drive for the new computer that won't take floppies. I, too, do NOT want to upgrade...

ShirleyC said...

I'm glad you got it to work. The burps are so pretty.
My friend bought my old Ellegeo, and it takes floppies, so you aren't alone on that end.
It still sews/embroiders as well as my new one.

Anonymous said...

Precious burp cloths, Jan! Glad you got it all working! Hope all went well at the dentist today :)

Chris said...

I have had the same problem problem with my D1 - and I am still using the original Customizing Software!
And I spent today at the Dentist's
having a root canal - it still doesn't feel right!
You have some beautiful embroidery for all of your trouble!

I think about you often and always say a little prayer for you and your family.

Our daughter Genny, is recovering nicely, and all is pretty much back to normal in Memphis.

Robin Hart said...

I had that happen a few years ago and it caused me to buy a new machine. Mine was because newer computers do not have serial ports. I did find a converter from serial port to usb and have used it. I totally understand your woes!! Great work now that it is done though!

Rettabug said...

Okay, I'd say it is time for an upgrade!! My laptop connects directly to my Innovis 4000D via a USB port & the designs download directly from my computer or online.

Talk to Santa!!!!! You shouldn't have to go through this ever again!

I hope your dental visit was much less aggravating.


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