Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bunny's Knit Nightie

This is Bunny's Knit Nightie by Children's Corner.
I love that it makes a useful, but still sweet, gift!

I can just imagine cute little baby feet curled up inside the elasticized hem.
The hem may also simply be hemmed, and left completely open.

The shoulders overlap, creating the neck opening.
This allows for easy construction, with no plackets or openings.
It also means ease of dressing baby, and no lumps or bumps to irritate soft skin.

I used an Oliver + S knit by Moda Fabrics.
The print is larger in scale, but still delicate.

Another feature of the pattern that I appreciate, is construction with a regular sewing machine.  No need for a serger.
Pattern instructions include suggested settings for stitch length and width.
The seams are stitched with a narrow and elongated zig zag, allowing them to stretch with the knit fabric.
Seam edges are then finished with a zig zag, too.

Neck and sleeve edges are turned under and zig zagged.
The folded edge is also zig zagged, creating little scallops.
This is one place where I do usually deviate slightly from the printed instructions.

The instructions suggest using an overcast foot, such as the one on the right, for the decorative edge stitching.  For my Viking machine, the "J" foot on the right is the overcast foot.
When used, the fabric edge is usually lined up with the thin vertical wire.  The needle will then zig zag back and forth across this wire.  The purpose of the wire, is to prevent the edge of the fabric from tunneling or rolling during stitching.

My experience has been that it also seems to prevent the little scallop from forming.
I use a regular sewing foot, such as the "A" foot pictured on the left.  This is also the foot I use to stitch the seams.
I often find that I need to increase my tension, as well.  I then use a zig zag lenth of 3.0 and a width of 4.5.  The zig needs to be on the fabric, and the zag just off the edge, to create the little scallop.

I do use the overcast foot to zig zag the gown's seam allowances to finish them.

Every machine is a little different, so testing stitch settings and different feet is a good thing!

The pattern also includes a little hat, knotted at the top, and a bib, booties and blanket.

I am off to the dentist again today.
It seems to be a weekly thing around here lately!

Fabric and pattern available at BessieMary.


Claudia said...

Jan, that is so sweet - perfect for a little one. I like the fabric you chose very much!


Kellie said...

Just sew precious! Love the little scalloped edge!

Jan Conwell said...

Beautiful! I love that about the zigzag stitch making the scallops...

Elisabeth Rose said...

So pretty! Thanks for the machine info, tool. I was just wondering what special machine you used when you said it was done with a regular machine! I would like to have such good results on knits, so will have to try your settings!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Just Darling! And thanks for the machine and foot info. I'm not much of a knit sewer, but will have to try this technique.

dlogan said...

Jan, Thank you so much for the great information. I have this pattern and have been afraid of it!! Now, I feel better. I have a few baby gifts to think about, so this really helped.


Janice said...

I have used this pattern several times and was always pleased with the results. But they none of them ever looked this sweet, with your special edge finish. Thanks so much for the detailed info.

Anonymous said...

Such a precious little gown and hat, Jan :)

Lesley said...

Oh jan, just beautiful, just absolutely darling

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