Monday, September 26, 2011

Cleaning Closets

I have been a woman on a mission of late.
I admit that my kitchen has always had one drawer dedicated to odds and ends.  By the end of the week, the island usually sports a stack of unsorted mail and unread newspapers.

I also have to admit that I really fell behind the last few years, with some of my normal housekeeping and seasonal routines.  Opening and owning a store, undergoing and recovering from several major surgeries, and a few other assorted life happenings took priority.

Turning our son's room into a work space for me, recently led to other clearing, cleaning and reorganizing throughout the entire house.  We have taken loads to a recycling center, made donations to non-profit groups, participated in a community-wide garage sale, and consigned items.  It left little time for blogging, reading blogs, or stitching.

It felt good to clean and clear out some items.
Others were a little more difficult.
These are pretty holes in a favorite sweater.

These are not pretty holes in the same favorite sweater.

As the weather cooled and we began to pull out warmer clothing, we discovered some unwelcome guests evidently shared our good taste in clothing.
Fortunately, the damage seems contained only to our master bedroom closet.
Unfortunately, much of it occurred in a small cedar closet built inside our large walk-in closet.
I am also wondering why I even bother to pay for very expensive quarterly visits from the exterminator.

During the emptying and cleaning of the entire contents of our master closet, I did determine one thing.  If I live to be 100, I need never buy another black or white t-shirt.  That applies to both long sleeved and short sleeved versions, as well as v-neck and crew neck.  However, I bet next time I want to wear one, I still won't be able to find one.  They seem to have a knack of disappearing only when I want to wear one.

Due to the great closet clean out, I am now behind on many other tasks.  There are still other areas in need of cleaning and reorganizing.
Hope to be back to normal routines soon.  I mostly hope that all of your favorite sweaters are intact this fall!


Rachel said...

Oh, there must be something in the air....I took 2 large bags to Good Will from my side of the closet....I won't tell you how many sweaters, but it was more than half my age....and double that in skirts, pants, dresses I've not worn in more than a season. Feels good to be able to see what remains.....

Amy Bailes said...

Have you ever heard of MotivatedMoms? It's a daily chore list. I'm a convert - I like having someone give me a list and getting to check off each little box.

Here's a link to a direct PDF for one week.

Amy Bailes said...

Um, that would a direct link - sorry.

Anonymous said...

Good going, Jan! I really need to do the same to our closets.

Kellie said...

Glad I am not the only one... thanks for the inspiration!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

But doesn't it feel so good to clean out closets? I did this a few years ago, sending over 10 trash bags full of perfectly decent clothes to Goodwill. It took 20 years to accumulate all that, and never again will I let it go that badly!

Bunny said...

I've been on a "fall cleaning" binge lately as well. We live in a very "buggy" area and I have had very good luck with bags of lavender stationed around my fabric closet and tucked between the folds. Makes the fabric smell nice too!

Robin Hart said...

I need to clean out my closet ... I hate doing it as it means those things I love and cannot get into are no longer there. Luckily those bugs that get into your closet do not get into things here... but so sorry you had to lose your sweater.

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