Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On My Bookshelf

While my shelves are definitely loaded with many new sewing books, it is sometimes the older ones that I most enjoy.  The two on the left have special meaning.  They were college textbooks used by my mother as she studied to obtain a degree in Home Economics.

The familiar handwriting that still brings a smile, and sometimes a tear.

The $4.00 price was likely as astronomical to a 1947 college coed , as the unreal price of textbooks are to current students.

No doubt, fashion styles have changed a little!

Yet, while newer books are brimming with well styled and glossy photographs, I often find the older books to contain more explanations and theories behind certain sewing techniques.

Many of the techniques are as relevant today,

as they were then.

Proving again, that the type of sewing I love most is timeless.

Almost all, include at least a few pages on my favorite subject:  sewing for babies!


Claudia said...

Love your older books, especially since they are your Mother's. How precious they must be to you.

Those instructions and illustrations still hold up, don't they?


Joan said...

Marvelous-looking books, Jan -- terrific illustrations! So precious that you have your mother's books!

Rettabug said...

Well, no wonder you do such gorgeous work....ITS GENETIC!!!

Julia said...

Beautiful post. Thanks!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Hi Jan...thank you for your comments yesterday regarding the hydrangea thingy!

Textbooks are outrageous...my daughter has one book this year that is $175. WHAT? CRAZY. I can't pass up a vintage sewing book!

Love to you~


April said...

Love it, Jan! I've had all of those in my library at one time or another - old sewing Home Economics books are some of my all-time favorite reads. A wealth of information and charming all at the same time.

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