Friday, July 9, 2010

Two Worlds Meet

It seems that most of my stitching friends either identify with the quilting world or the heirloom sewing and smocking world.  I grew up watching Grandmother Bessie quilt, and many of her quilts still grace my home.  So, I have a deep love and admiration for quilts and those who create them.
However, it is heirloom sewing and fine white and pastel fabrics that make my heart go pitter patter, while visions of delicate day gowns, christening gowns and bonnets fill my mind.
Imagine my delight when I recently spied this:

Originally posted here.

The quilting world and heirloom sewing world met, shook hands and co-existed together beautifully!
This beautiful silk christening gown, incorporating hand quilting, is the creation of Jacquie Harvey from the UK.

Originally posted here.

The attention to detail is amazing, and so sweet!

Originally posted here.

For this cotton sateen gown, Jacquie was inspired by the style and design of very traditional Ayeshire embroidered christneing gowns.

For more information, you may visit Jacquie's website or blog.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, I think I just fainted! The gowns are simply wonderful, Jan. (I think I'm going to faint again.) ;-)

PS. Hope you're still healing and doing well.

Martha said...

Wow she has some beautiful works of art in her gallery. Did you see the Bon-bon box?

Rettabug said...

Oh dear...I think I'm having chest pain...from envy!! Jan, that is just one of the most exquisite examples I've ever seen.

I started out as a quilter, but of course, never to that extent & got into machine embroidery & applique of ready made things then was introduced to heirloom sewing & went to "Lace Camp" to learn more.
I should do a blog post on my christening gown & home-from-the-hospital dress with matching lace shaping on the blanket.

I hope your eyes are improving daily. Thinking of you often!!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a great post; I went straight to the website and the weblog. This lady has angels'hands.It is true ART.
I love to read your posts.
Godeliva van Ariadone

Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Gorgeous pieces of art!!! Thank you for finding them and sharing. I am going to have fun looking through her site as well at a later time. Wow.

Take care and blessings to you Jan. You continue to be in my daily prayers.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful feast for the eyes when you mix these together. Beautiful!

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