Saturday, July 3, 2010

Headbands for Healing

For once I managed to think ahead!
Following surgery, my eyes will be bandaged and require daily applications of ointment.
I am thinking gauze, adhesive tape, ointment and hair do not mix, nor make for a very pretty picture!
I quickly remembered the cute headbands Heather Bailey shared on her blog.
So, I quickly went to work.  I was able to whip up four in no time at all!

 I selected several lightweight floral lawns and one pima cotton microcheck.  I thought the lighter weight and softness would make the knot at the back a little more comfortable when resting or reclining.  I considered omitting the tie, and just using the elastic, but decided the tie really added a special and stylish touch.
Heaven knows I will need some style while recuperating!

  I followed Heather's instructions, except for two differences.

I used a technique that I often use when stitching curves in lightweight fabrics. 
Instead of clipping into the seam allowance, before turning right side out,
I stitch 1/8" away from the original seamline, using a shortened stitch length.

I then use my serrated scissors to trim right next to that outer row of stitching.
This makes a tiny and even seam allowance.
The outer row of stitching provides not only a guide for trimming, but will also help prevent the seam from raveling.  With such a fine seam, it is not necessary to clip into the seam allowance.  The piece may now be turned right side out and pressed. 
The curves will be smooth and perfect!

With the finer lawns, I did apply a very lightweight woven fusible interfacing down the center of the main headband piece.  I found that this added a little stability to the headbands.

I am thinking a dosage of lovely Liberty of Lawn and other delightful fabrics may be the best medicine, yet! 

This is such a quick and fun project!  The ease of stitching makes it perfect for beginners.
If you have daughters or granddaughters that have outgrown smocked dresses, I bet they might still find a use for some cute and fun headbands!
Just another way to stitch a little love into their wardrobe.

You may download the pattern for your personal use at Heather's bog,
Find it under Free Patterns, in the right hand sidebar.


Unknown said...

lovely idea Jan!!! Hope you are resting and feeling better!! still praying for your complete recovery!!!

Karen said...

I, too, am praying for your complete recovery! The headbands are beautiful and will keep you 'stylish' while you recover.

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