Monday, January 23, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Thank you for the many gentle thoughts on our recent loss.
We are still adjusting to life without our furry friend.
My husband misses him most in the mornings, when they would stroll through the neighborhood.  I miss him most in the evenings, when I am often home alone.
Now, the great debate rages on whether or not to acquire a new four footed family member.
It is the first time in our 28.5 year marriage that we have not had a dog.
Bluff was my husband's miniature schnauzer when we married.  I had to pass his approval before we could even date!

Next came Dizzy.  He was a rather difficult Dalmation.  After moving to a home in the inner city, I felt the need to have a dog that offered a little more protection.  Bluff remained inside, while Dizzy mostly patrolled the backyard.  Dizzy managed to contribute to his own demise by eating everything in sight, including his water and food bowls, toys, bedding, pecans (shells and all) when they dropped from the trees, the roof of his doghouse, and most anything that would fit in his mouth.  He was a beautiful dog, but not very smart.

Shortly afterwards, Bounce bounded into our lives to patrol and protect our home and yard.
He was an Airedale terrior who never realized just how big he really was.  He would see our smaller dogs sitting in our laps, and believe that he could do the same.
He slipped and slid on our hardwood floors with huge paws, keeping me on my toes as I rushed to catch and save anything breakable in his path.

My husband is probably the one person to visit the dentist and come home with a dog, instead of the usual complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste sample.
That is how we acquired Blitz, our second miniature schnauzer.
Blitz was the most laid back dog ever.  Doorbells never phased him, and were unworthy of a bark.  Toys were to look at, sniff and then ignore.  He loved to be held or sit on your feet, but wet puppy kisses were not his thing.
Our young son decided Blitz needed someone to teach him the finer points of playing and puppy kisses. 

So, Rambo entered our lives and hearts.
He never managed to teach Blitz to enjoy toys, or give those wet kisses.  Instead, he assumed those roles, and we seem a little lost without him and them.

I often receive inquiries on the source of poems and sayings I share in the Blessings posts.
Many of them come from books on the shelves in our library.  When we built this house, the trend was to include a home office.  We went a different route and built a library.  The room also houses my childhood piano and my mother-in-law's childhood rocking chair.  I featured the sweet needlepoint cushion she made for it here.  She also stitched the needlepoint which now covers the piano bench.

Recently, a reader inquired specifically about this poem.
Unfortunately, I have no additional information on its origin or author.  I first found it in a book of poetry gifted by a family member. 

I try to always give credit to the author or origin of writings.  I have even conducted internet searches for the source of some, before they are used.

I was unable to reply to this reader personally, due to the fact they left no email address and are a no-reply reader.
I hope they read this entry, or return to the original post and read my reply.

This is my latest addiction!
I evidently missed all the commotion and fanfare when it first began hitting more grocery shelves and blogs last year.

Some say it is an alternative to peanut butter, but I would never put the two in the same class.
I enjoy peanut butter, but love this!  A tablespoon contains fewer calories than peanut butter, and seems a little more healthy overall.  It is also safe for those with nut allergies.

My favorite indulgence is smearing a little on crisp apple slices.
After the holidays, I always find it a little difficult to return to more healthy eating.  A juicy apple, with a little dab of this, seems to satisfy my sweet tooth without too much harm to the hips.
I found my jar at World Market, but believe it can be found other places, too.
Check the Biscoff website for more information and recipes.

Happy Monday!


Kellie said...

Pets! Wonderful gifts from a marvelous Creator! You've had such variety... we're kind of stuck on the Pom. We've had 4 and they all have such unique personalities.

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Losing a dog is always sad as they really do become part of the family. My hubby still won't replace our lab, and she's been gone 10 years!

DawnB said...

Oh that must be yummy, I love the cookies but haven't seen the spread. I need to make a trip to World Market which I try to avoid as they sell lots of English goodies.

Lesley said...

I'm sorry that you loss your gorgeous companion Jan. I still miss my Zoe cat everyday. We haven't as yet replaced her.

I'm so very pleased I've found your blog.

And mmmm that new peanut butter alternative looks yum!

With lots of love

Rettabug said...

What a lovely corner of your home, Jan...every room should have some books & how nice that you have the handwork of your Mother-in-law on display, too. I used to do needlepoint, long ago.

I tried to find some information on that poem & came up empty, too. It IS lovely & I'm glad you shared it with us.

I've never heard of Biscoff spread...must keep an eye out for it, so I can try it. Thanks for telling us about it.


Robin Hart said...

Paige would love the library. That is the one room she would add to any house.

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