Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Imaginary Sewing

This is a peek at my current sewing project:
a version of Rose, the latest pattern from Children's Corner.
I selected a large size gingham in hunter green, accented with red piping and buttons.
It is approximately three-fourths constructed, but a cold has zapped me of sewing energy.
I also discovered that sneezing and watery eyes do not help with sewing straight seams!
So, we will do a little imaginary sewing while waiting for the medicine to kick in and the sneezing fits to pass.

While I still love the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and white, it is also fun to play with some of the more trendy color schemes.  Turquoise and red have always been a favorite combination of mine, and they are showing up more and more in holiday decorations and fashion.
This turquoise houndstooth in a brushed cotton would be cozy and warm for the winter months.  I can definitely see it smocked, embroidered or appliqued with jolly red Santas!

To extend the wear beyond the holidays, a winter themed smocking plate is perfect!
The snow and evergreen trees in this design by Little Memories lend a bit of holiday feel, but could easily be worn well beyond the holidays.  Turquoise and pink or always a fun combination!

Another idea for turquoise and pink, and another fun winter themed smocking design from Little Memories!  Who can resist mittens and snowmen?

We cannot forget the boys, either!
I think turquoise can be a fun color for little guys, too.
Think of brother and sister outifts with these precious penquins!
The plate on the left is by Junebug Designs, and on the right, another plate by Little Memories.
By changing the floss colors from pink and lavender to deeper and more "manly" colors, you can achieve a completely different look.

I hope sudden winter storms and colds have not sidelined too many of you.
I plan to be back at my machine and visiting here more often, once I quit reaching for a tissue every few minutes. Thanks for joining me in some imaginary sewing in the meantime!

All fabric,smocking plates, floss and trim available at BessieMary.


Goosegirl said...

I love your imaginary sewing! I am sick too, and supposed to be resting my hands so I can get over this stupid tendonitis. I would rather be sewing for real. But I love that penguin smock plate. I have it too. Maybe I should smock it up next week for Ahnalin.
I hope you feel better.

Joan said...

Dear Jan, So sorry about your cold -- hope you are feeling much better quickly!
I love your suggestions for coordination of fabric, colors, plates! Thanks!

Kellie said...

I love your choice of colors! Feel better soon so you can do some "real" sewing or stitching or smocking!

Robin Hart said...

I love your imaginary sewing. I do it quite frequently in my sewing room, just forget to put the piles away when I am done. Hope you feel better soon!

Rachel said...

Oh Blech! I've had that same nasty cold! Today is the first day my eyes are not watering like crazy.....even the boys felt sorry for me! Hope you are feeling better soon and that imaginary sewing becomes a reality!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I am coming down with the same darned cold today! Those viruses sure get around.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished products, once you can start sewing, not sneezing, again.

Time to go make some chicken soup!

Anonymous said...

Love that turquoise and red! Love it! Hope you feel better and soon...and why is that peppermint confection in the post above this one calling my name...I didn't even know that existed. :)

Rettabug said...

Oooo, such fun looking eye candy!! I would love to do up each one! ♥♥♥ Red & Turquoise!

I still can't seem to find the patience to do picture smocking very well. I've taken classes & had help from M. Mooney & Laurie Anderson both, but it frustrates me. Now the geometrics I find soothing. Go figure?

I hope you're over your crud & will be able to get creative soon. I love sewing for the holidays most of all.


p.s. I was really touched by your adding of "thanksgiving" to your prayers. I "ask" too often & don't say "thanks" often enough. Very profound.

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