Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas is more than the end of the year
More than a time for presents and cheer
More than a time for happy meetings
More than a time for exchanging greetings
More than the tinsel that hangs on the tree
More than the baubles and glitter we see
More than time for mere happiness
More than small words can ever express.

Christmas is one day we find it is good
To live the way that we always should
A day when man tries to be generous and kind
A day when he sees with his ear, not his mind.

And that is the way we should live all the year
Not only a few days when Christmas is here
For that is the way God wants us to live
Sharing the joy that comes when we give.

For then and then only will restlessness cease
And all of the world will be finally at peace
For the tidings of Christmas can only come true
When Christmas is lived every day the year through.
~Helen Steiner Rice ~


Ellie Inspired said...

Beautiful poem. Thanks for your nice note the other day. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas together!

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