Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bit of a Break

It has been awhile since we last visited.
It may be even longer before I return on a regular basis.

Our drive to Minnesota, for last month's appointment at the Mayo Clinic, was much like that old saying about the postal service:  through rain, sleet, hail and snow. 
Add in some unbelievable winds, a little sunshine, and a range of temperatures from freezing to sweltering, and you have a description of our traveling experience.
The news received from my appointment was a mixture of good and not-so-good.

I returned and decided to take a brief break, while enjoying this wonderful Spring season.
It has always been one of my favorites:
a season of rebirth, joy and hope.

I love to watch bulbs planted last fall burst forth in glorious bloom and color.
I wonder each year if my beloved peonies survived our long hot and dry summer, and if my hydrangeas were protected enough during the cold of our winter.
Nothing makes my heart pitter patter as much as that first glimpse of a red tinged peony shoot peeking up through the garden soil, or a bright green hydrangea leaf bud on an otherwise dead looking branch.
All of these were happening, and I was oh-so-happy!
I was also humming along in my sewing room, stitching on pretty pastels and summer brights.

On Saturday morning, my husband and I were outside working in our yard.
I felt a sharp prick in the third finger of my right hand.
I do not wear gloves.
There is nothing like playing in the dirt and feeling it squish through your fingers.
I find it more difficult to deadhead flowers or squash an unwanted bug with gloved fingers.
They never fit well, and seem to cause more callouses and blisters -- at least for me.
So, I am used to splinters, scratches and cuts.
This one was different.

It felt different.
It looked different.
My finger and hand began to swell before my eyes.

Then, I saw why.
A snake.
I screamed.
My husband ran.
I managed not to pass out, but only barely.
He identified the snake as a Copperhead, and rushed me to the nearest hospital's Emergency Room.

I was hospitalized for the weekend, receiving anti-venom and other medications.
I returned home with an extremely discolored and swollen hand and arm.
Yesterday, new symptoms sent us to another physician for additional treatment.
Recovery will be longer than I expected, and is much more painful -- both physically and emotionally -- than I wish to admit.
There may be permanent damage from both external and internal tissue damage.

Please be careful in your yards and gardens, as you welcome Spring this year.
I am not sure when I will be able to return to blogging, sewing, or gardening.
In the meantime, I wish each of you a joyful Spring and blessed Easter.

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